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Alison Baker I live in West London with my four children. Although I attended hospital antenatal classes prior to the birth of my first child, I felt unprepared in my knowledge of how to look after a baby and remember coming home from hospital with my son in his car seat and asking my partner, “What do we now?”. Through my experience of teaching with BabyNatal we have empowered couples to explore choices and make their own informed decisions for their individual families. My 20 years experience of teaching and practising complementary therapies and my role as a Maternity Support worker for the NHS has given me a wealth of experience with mums-to-be. I have worked extensively with parents postnatally and newborns and specialise in postnatal care and breast feeding support. Our vision is that you will continue to learn and develop parenting skills through pregnancy and your baby's first months. We provide a warm, friendly, supportive, nurturing environment.
10th Feb 2018

Tongue Tie

Through my work in the NHS I have come across many babies with tongue tie. In my work as someone who supports breastfeeding mothers, I feel this has the most impact on breastfeeding success in the first week of life. This affects 1 in 6 babies and appears as a stringy bit of skin or […]