14th May 2018

Breastfeeding benefits for Mother

Whilst most people are aware of the benefits of breastfeeding for babies, it is also important to focus on the plus points for mothers too. These include; Decreased risk of breast cancer. Decreased risk of some gynecological cancers. Less chance of osteoporosis. Only you can breastfeed your baby – mum and baby have a unique […]

25th April 2018

Dislike – Moses Basket, Cot/Crib

Why do babies hate their Moses basket, cot or crib? He or she probably does not hate the cot, they just don’t like lying alone. This can be very frustrating, particularly when you are at the point of exhaustion and having got baby to sleep in your arms, the transfer into their cot is enough […]

19th March 2018

Skin to Skin

Why is skin to skin so special? Skin to skin are the magic three words that signify the best place for your newborn baby to be. Thankfully gone are the days when the midwife took your baby from you, rubbed off the vernix and weighed them, put on a nappy, vest and babygro and placed […]

10th February 2018

Tongue Tie

Through my work in the NHS I have come across many babies with tongue tie. In my work as someone who supports breastfeeding mothers, I feel this has the most impact on breastfeeding success in the first week of life. This affects 1 in 6 babies and appears as a stringy bit of skin or […]