14th May 2018

Breastfeeding benefits for Mother

Whilst most people are aware of the benefits of breastfeeding for babies, it is also important to focus on the plus points for mothers too. These include;

  • Decreased risk of breast cancer.
  • Decreased risk of some gynecological cancers.
  • Less chance of osteoporosis.
  • Only you can breastfeed your baby – mum and baby have a unique relationship and this enhances your bonding together.
  • Burn 500 calories a day without a treadmill in sight.
  • Uterus is brought quickly back to its pre-pregnancy position.
  • Savings of approximately £45 per month (the cost of formula feeding).
  • No bottles to sterilise or  feeds to make up. Breast milk is always available and at the correct temperature.
  • Less risk of post natal depression.
  • More reason to sit or lay down and have lovely cuddles with your baby.
  • Delayed menstruation but note that some women continue to ovulate so definitely not an effective means of contraception.

Learn more about feeding in our classes or to arrange a  breastfeeding at home please contact Baby Pink Baby Blue.

Blog by: Alison Baker