25th April 2018

Dislike – Moses Basket, Cot/Crib

Why do babies hate their Moses basket, cot or crib?

He or she probably does not hate the cot, they just don’t like lying alone. This can be very frustrating, particularly when you are at the point of exhaustion and having got baby to sleep in your arms, the transfer into their cot is enough to wake them completely. Remember that whilst pregnant your baby seemed to wake up and move more around the time that you went to bed each night. This period of nocturnal behavior continues through those early weeks of life at least.

I remember getting out of bed in the middle of the night and either going for a walk with baby in the pram or driving in the car around the block with baby in the car seat. Walking round the house whilst rocking baby was another way to while away the early hours.
Although you may feel that your baby has a sleep problem, be reassured that virtually every new parent is going through the same issue.
If your baby is only able to fall asleep through being fed, cuddled or rocked it is hard for them merely to fall asleep by lying on a mattress. During the daytime, everything seems so much easier and you are more relaxed. You may question why babies seem to be able to self soothe whilst in a drowsy stage and fall asleep very easily.

There could be additional reasons for your baby being upset and not sleeping. These can include wind, colic and reflux.

Tips to help your baby sleep in their cot:

  • Warm sheets with a hot water bottle (ensure this is removed prior to placing them in their cot so sheets are merely warm and not very hot). This way baby goes from warm, cuddly parent to warm sheets and doesn’t notice the transition.
  • Wear a scratch mitt/ baby sock in your bra strap for a few hours and place in cot (not too close to their face) so baby can smell you in the cot with them.
  • Roll up a sheet in a sausage shape and form a ‘U’ shape around their legs and feet which makes them feel that there is someone lying next to them.
  • Swaddling if your baby enjoys it. This has to be started in the early few days of baby’s life rather than starting once baby is a few weeks old.
  • Relaxing massage/bathing before bedtime will assist your baby to recognise that sleep may happen soon afterwards.

Playing lullabies, singing to baby, white noise or playing a song or piece of music that baby is familiar with from frequent exposure whilst you were pregnant.

Always ensure you follow safe sleeping guidelines to avoid risks associated with S.I.D.S.

Remember you carried your baby for approximately 9 months prior to birth. On arrival into the world they are helpless and completely dependent on you.

Babies crave you – your smell, touch and voice so why would they want to be apart from you?

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Blog by: Emma Wallman