BabyNatal Caring For Your Newborn Course


A series of 3 classes covering all aspects of caring for your newborn.

Price is per couple (3 courses).

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BabyNatal Caring For Your Newborn Practical Course (Class 1)

We aim to make your transition into parenthood a smooth and enjoyable journey through our practical, fun and hands-on two hour workshop.  This will prepare you for the day you first hold your baby in your arms.

A perfect course for first time parents. We cover all the key skills and choices in caring for your baby including nappies and nappy changing, clothing and dressing, bathing, feeding and winding.

BabyNatal Baby Sleep (Class 2)

This two hour workshop gives Parents and Parents-to-be the chance to discuss their expectations/experiences of sleep in the first 6 months. Learn how babies sleep, what is ‘normal’, receive up to date sleep safety recommendations and look at different options around baby’s sleep.

This is the perfect workshop for any parent’s who want to help their baby sleep and includes tips for coping with sleep deprivation.

BabyNatal Colic & Calm (Class 3)

Explore what colic is and learn practical techniques for helping to calm and soothe an upset baby in this two hour workshop. The class will suggest techniques for helping to ease colic, including holds, winding techniques, calming techniques, baby wearing (slings) and swaddling.

This class will suggest methods for easing colic and will include holds, winding, calming, baby wearing (slings) and swaddling.

Package of three workshops run consecutively.

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    This class is run at: Baby Pink Baby Blue – Willow Cottage, Middle Hill, Englefield Green, Surrey, TW20 0JG

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